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The CPDA network is the mobilization force for working class voters of color, critical constituencies for 2020 that the Party infrastructure doesn’t usually reach or invest in. We support power-building and year-round campaigning in communities of color — to ultimately turn out Black and Latinx voters, defeat Trump, and win races up and down the ballot. We need trusted messengers talking to voters this year more than ever. Misinformation targeting voters of color is rampant, and our affiliates are well-known and well-trusted in their communities to deliver important voter education as well as persuade voters to vote and to vote safely.

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CPD Action is a vast national network, but to defeat Trump, we need to narrow down priorities to key states where the battle for electoral college votes is under way.

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Early voting is a key measure that will allow more people to vote safely and confidently this year. We are excited to be partnering with Ballotready, a tool that allows you to check your voter registration, find your polling location, and so many other important elements to a complete voting plan.

Have you made your voting plan yet? Use the following form to plan out your engagement in the 2020 Presidential election!

By clicking “Request your ballot”, you will be taken to the BallotReady site to make your voting plan!


🔥🔥🔥@AnaMariaArchil2: “We have been waiting since 1986 for this country to recognize our presence, our humanity, our contributions.

And to say, “YOU BELONG HERE!”

That’s why hundreds of us are in NY rallying to say @SenSchumer- it’s #TimeToDeliver on #BuildBackBetter!

.@AnaMariaArchil2 brings the 🔥 outside @SenSchumer’s home: it’s way past #TimeToDeliver for immigrants with a path to citizenship.

We have been waiting since 1986 for this country to recognize our humanity. #WeAreHome @popdemoc

.@JumaaneWilliams: “we will not go back to “normal.” Normal didn’t work for the majority of Americans & the majority of NYers.

“@SenSchumer, if you let them water this bill down, we won’t be building back better. We’ll be building back the same. #TimetoDeliver #BuildBackBetter

Can you hear us @SenSchumer?
When it comes to the #FreedomToVote, #ClimateCrisis and the other issues of #BuildBackBetter: we're running out of time. A Senate standing still is moving backwards. #TimeToDeliver

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